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Why Physiotherapy is a Must for Elderly Peoples

There are many reasons as to why a physiotherapist must be part of the daily lives of the elderly. With advancements in technology, more people are able to achieve and maintain higher levels of physical activity than ever before. Unfortunately, many people are unable to continue that level of physical activity due to age, health issues or injury. The purpose of physiotherapy is to improve the function, health and well-being of the patient, and to help the caregiver to care for the patient effectively.

Physiotherapy is usually required for all but the most severe cases of disability. For some patients, it may only require a few sessions of physiotherapy to begin to regain their independence and to improve their conditions.

Regardless of the severity of the patient’s condition, physiotherapy must be used to help them restore strength to their muscles, restore flexibility to their joints and enhance the patient’s endurance through weight-bearing exercise. In addition to these three important areas, a skilled physiotherapist will work with the patient on techniques to improve balance and co-ordination.

As previously mentioned, the benefits of physiotherapy extend beyond the improvement of a patient’s conditions. When a patient is well-trained and knows how to perform the necessary tasks, they are often more comfortable with their daily tasks and are less likely to have accidents at home, on the job or in the community.

A skilled physiotherapist will also be able to aid an elderly patient in using the stairs or other designated pathways at home or at work. Physiotherapy also helps the patient to use the bathroom in a safely and hygienic manner, which can reduce the risk of germs becoming contaminated.

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