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Back Pain Physiotherapy in Bhopal

Back Pain Physiotherapy in Bhopal

Our body is designed such that each and every structure has some function. Over or under use of any of the structure produces structural and functional changes in it. When we adopt biomechanically incorrect body positions in our regular day today activities, adaptive changes occur that put stress on specific muscles and ligaments along with vertebral column that in order to adjust looses its normal curvatureand causes pains and aches, most common being Low Back Pain. That’s why PhysiQure provides best back pain Physiotherapy in Bhopal. 

Back pain is one of the most common problems in today’s era. Hundreds of causes contribute to back pain. Some can be due to poor ergonomics- wrong sitting, standing or working posture. Posture means the way one works or maintains body alignment. Staying in incorrect posture for long can lead to biomechanical changes in body structures, especially in muscles and ligaments and if for prolonged periods, it may lead to spinal changes too.

The patients of Back pain vary from housewives doing household chores in over bent or extended postures or standing for hours together to office employees who sit for 8-10 hours at a stretch. This puts undue pressure on back muscles making them weak due to disuse and the thigh muscles becoming tight due to continuous sitting position, not allowing enough stretching.

As a result, at a very young age, back pain start cropping in and make stiff and painful back. Office Ergonomics has become very important in today’s times as correct work- body balance leads to less chances of getting early Back pains and also reducing permanent changes in spine. Physiotherapy is a well-known branch of Science that deals with prevention of common Back pains by teaching correct posture and preventive and corrective Physiotherapy exercises. As medicines have limited role in controlling Back pain with a lot of side-effects, Physiotherapy seems to have a long lasting role in correcting the root cause of pain and also in strengthening the muscles required to maintain posture.

PhysiQure has initiated a powerful Corporate Ergonomical training program so as the regular improper load on the already painful structures can be assessed and identified and hence treated. With increasing awareness, Programs for Back pain physiotherapy in Bhopal are very popular. PhysiQure makes sure that your Back pain is corrected at initial stages with the help of Physiotherapy modalities and Strengthening exercises which can be incorporated in daily life after learning from the experts. Physiotherapy is of paramount importance in Post-surgical cases of back pain treated with micro-disectomy, as strengthening and flexibility of muscles has to be improved to get long term results. The expert team of Physiotherapists at PhysiQure specialise in treating all types of back pains.