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PhysiQure aims to be a leading Physiotherapy and Healthcare company in India. We wish to achieve this via network of equally committed and quality conscious physiotherapy franchise partners.

    Physiotherapy Franchise

    Why Choose us?

    Standard Protocols

    Standard Protocols

    Standard protocols on machine installations, maintenance, and operations

    Standard Clinic Designs

    Standard Clinic Designs

    Standard clinic designs and service standards to ensure ambience and welcoming empathetic experience

    Effective and Affordable

    Effective and Affordable

    Our focus is on effective and affordable total cost of care and quality experience

    Complete Physiotherapy Care

    Complete Physiotherapy Care

    Our Network Offers one stop solution from Primary to Tertiary Physiotherapy Care

    Our value proposition for franchisee partners

    • Feasibility assessment and location survey
    • Facility development— design, equipment purchases and installation, and final clearance
    • Licensing and legal support
    • Recruitment of qualified and selected Staff to the Center and Continues Monitoring and Replacements
    • Training and Development
    • Patient Information and Relationship Management Access to experts and expert supervision Operation SOP
    • Clinical audits
    • Equipment maintenance and care Access to network for services Brand rights and marketing support
    • Access to orthopedic and neurologists’ network
    • Dedicated relationship officer
    franchisee partners
    partnership ethos

    Our partnership ethos:

    • Shared passion for delivering the promised value to our patient and caregivers
    • Belief in the process and people Reciprocal commitment to mutual growth and business well-being
    • Transparency in operation
    • Continuous learning and improvements— we can be better together everyday Mutual respect
    • Nurturing trust

    Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated

    Our Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated (FOFO) key features include full clinic ownership of the franchise and exclusive territorial rights while utilizing the benefits of corporate solutions, well defined operating SOPs.  

    Ideal Physiotherapy Franchise Partner Profile

    Passion to Provide Healthcare beyond just money.

    • Access to Capital with Potential to have multiple locations.
    • Patience to Build to breakeven in a year and Competence to grow further.
    • Good Interpersonal Skills and Outreach to Local Social and Business Networks
    • People Management Skills. Commitment to our Ethos.

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