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Shoulder Flexibility Mobility ​

Day –to – day shoulder working , For strength and mobility

Shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint and allows maximum Range of Movements in all possible directions. Primary movements at Shoulder joint are- Shoulder Flexibility.

  • Flexion
  • Extension
  • Medial Rotation
  • Lateral Rotation
  • Abduction
  • Adduction
  • Circumduction

The main function of shoulder joint is to allow arm and hand movements and also to provide stability and support. Shoulder joint muscles form a cuff called Rotator Cuff. Good flexibility at Shoulder joint is important to do everyday tasks.

Shoulder Pain Physio Bhopal

Including shoulder-specific exercises and stretches in your overall workout program may help increase your shoulder mobility and flexibility. These movements may also build strength in your shoulders, improve your shoulder function, and prevent injury. PeriArthritis Shoulder (PA Shoulder) also called Frozen Shoulder is a pathological condition where the flexibility of Shoulder joint is compromised due to adhesions formed in the Shoulder joint capsule.

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy

Shoulder flexibility exercises are very important part of Shoulder Rehabilitation program to improve joint Range Of Motion(ROM). The team of expert Physios at PhysiQure can help you in reducing Shoulder stiffness with our advanced Physiotherapy treatment plans based on individualised assessments.

Once learned from the experts, the exercises can be done at home with regular follow ups.

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