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Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy in Bhopal

Shoulder pain may result from a variety of pathologies involving rotator cuff (shoulder muscles). Frozen shoulder or Peri-arthritis shoulder is one of the most common cause of Shoulder pain. People with Diabetes commonly develop this pain which is due to formation of adhesions in shoulder capsule.

People who keep their Shoulder immobilised for long time as in shoulder sling also have high chances of developing Frozen shoulder. This states the importance of movements in all joints of the body.

Physiotherapy is the one stop solution for Shoulder pain as it emphases on breaking the adhesions by promoting movements.

Physiotherapy modalities like Ultrasound, TENS, SWD and hot fomentation are proven to help in reducing inflammation and promoting pain free movement.

Once the movement begins to return, the flexibility of shoulder muscles needs to be improved so as to allow further Range of Motion and also muscles need to be strengthened in a gradually progressive manner.

The condition improves slowly but adherence to supervised active exercise program and Passive stretching exercises mark a successful Frozen shoulder Rehabilitation Program.

PhysiQure brings best Physiotherapy facilities at multiple locations in Bhopal to help you recover from your painful Shoulder. As the condition may take months to get functional, the sooner the better. 

PhysiQure incorporates the advanced techniques like Dry Needling, CUPPING along with conventional PT. With a highly experienced team of expert Physios, we bring the best Physiotherapy treatment for Shoulder pain.