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Joint Pain Physiotherapy in Bhopal

Joint Pain Physiotherapy in Bhopal​

Joint pains are one of the commonest problems found in all age groups. Lots of factors contribute to joint pains, most common being life-style problems, obesity, lack of exercises and age-related degeneration.

The most commonly involved joints depend on the pathological changes occurring, eg. In Osteoarthritis, the weight-bearing joints are most commonly involved, like hip and knee joints. If Rheumatoid Arthritis is the underlying pathology, small joints are mostly affected.

The symptoms include joint pain, stiffness and functional limitation. Unfortunately, the medical management of joint pain is analgesics (pain killers) till pain subsides and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce signs of inflammation. None of this is preventing further damage to the joint.

Surgical management includes partial or total joint replacements correcting pathological changes to an extent. Physiotherapy in joint pain focuses on reducing symptoms of inflammation like pain, stiffness and also improving mobility and overcoming functional limitations.

Physiotherapeutic modalities that are scientifically proven to be useful in Joint pains are Ultrasound, TENS, IFT, SWD, LASER, Hot fomentation, cryotherapy, dry needling and manual techniques. The most important part of Physiotherapy treatment of  Joint pain is that it doesn’t have any side effects if used within prescribed dosage and duration.

Next part of PT treatment includes strength and flexibility training of the affected muscles, so that ones the acute inflammatory symptoms reduce, the most important pillars of joint structure, the “muscles” gets stronger. Once the exercises are learnt under guidance of a competent Physio, they can be practised by the patient at home with the help of minimum required aids.

PhysiQure has brought this movement science in Bhopal under expert guidance of a team of compassionate Physiotherapist who specialize in Joint pain Physiotherapy. The correct way of sitting, standing and walking help to reduce undue strain on the joints, thereby preventing early degenerative changes and as a result Joint Pain.

Believing that “movement is LIFE” , Physiotherapy experts at PhysiQure prioritise that you use your muscles correctly and live a longer and pain-free life. We reduce your dependence on medicines and pain reducing oils and sprays. Exercises are an unavoidable part of treatment of Joint pains and we at PhysiQure are here to help you fight it.