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Knee Physiotherapy

Age-proof your knees and joints How to Take Care of Your Knee and Other Body Joints

Knee pain is a very common condition and may be caused due to damage to various structures. It can occur following an injury like a fall or direct accidental hit or can simply present as pain in daily activities without any particular explanation or cause.

Following an injury such as a ligament or tendon injury, a fall or a twisting injury to the knee, we recommend the following:


  • Protect it from further injury
  • Rest from strenuous activities on the joint
  • Ice the injured area for up to 10 minutes multiple times a day
  • Compress it with a bandage to reduce swelling
  • Elevateit to improve lymphatic drainage and venous return

After initial treatment, you can take help of a physiotherapist to understand the diagnosis and the management plan. Osteo Arthritis Knee (OA Knee) is a degenerative disease of Knee that presents with instability and pain.

PhysiQure brings for you a Specialised Knee care program that includes initial Electrotherapy as well as Exercise therapy treatment to help you overcome your pain and have a strengthened and more flexible Knee joint.

For old age (Geriatric patients), we also offer VEDIO or TELE Physiotherapy to help guide them in consult the experts and correctly perform the prescribed exercises through PHYSIQURE App. We also provide home Physiotherapy Services and you may also visit our Advanced State of Art PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRES to avail best Physio services for your Knee Care.

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