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Physiotherapist In Fall Prevention And Improving Balance

Balance is a very important attribute that is significant in day today life. Imagine how dangerous it is if we trip and cause serious injuries. This is even more dangerous when it comes to older people. Older people are generally Osteoporotic which means that they have weak bones that can easily break and lead to fractures.

Balance disorders can be caused due to ear or brain pathologies, due to certain medicines or generalised debility. The person may feel unsteady while standing or walking and may experience feelings of dizziness.

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We maintain our balance as a result of many systems working together chiefly-

  • Vestibular system
  • Visual system
  • Proprioception

Pathology or reduced functioning of any of the above systems may lead to balance disorders. Abnormalities in balance function may indicate a wide range of pathologies like inner ear disorders, low blood pressure, brain tumorsand brain injury like stroke.

Dependence on medicine is not sufficient enough to improve balance disorders. Physiotherapy as being ‘movement science’ is very important part in Rehabilitation of patients with balance disorders.

We at PhysiQure aim at

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation through Balance Retraining exercises that can help to prevent falls

Physiotherapy can help you to improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling by maximizing the function and input of these body systems. A physiotherapist is capable of conducting a detailed examination of your balance issues (strength, sensation, ability to balance in various positions)., and also the functions of your vestibular system. 

At PhysiQure, our expertPhysiotherapists prescribe an individualized program of education, fall reduction strategies, advanced treatment techniques based on Vestibular Rehabilitation and specific exercises that will improve your sense of balance, stability and confidence.

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