Advanced Physiotherapy in Bhopal​

Bhopal, the city of lakes has the history of Physiotherapy back since year 2000. Back then, the awareness regarding the availability of competent Physios in Bhopal was limited. However, with time, fitness awareness and also due to extensive Physiotherapy awareness programs being organized for doctors as well as for general public, the role of PT in various Orthopaedic, Neurological, Sports was realised but the proportion of qualified Physios was less.

Last 5 years have come up as a significant boom for Physiotherapy all over India as people realised that Physiotherapy is movement science, and since movement is life, there rose an increased demand of Physiotherapists in Bhopal.

With the advent of multi-speciality hospitals in the city, the residents understood that the role of Physio. is very significant in but is not limited to the above mentioned specialised. It has a wider scope covering everything that has reduced movement, as one of the chief goals of Physiotherapy is to restore lost movement.

Physiotherapy has proved its indispensable role in Post-surgical conditions too. Earlier people used to rush to bigger cities for advanced surgeries and on doctor’s recommendation, searched for Physiotherapy services post- surgery.  Neuro-surgery, Cardiac surgery, advanced Orthopaedic surgery, Plastic surgeries, etc all recommended post-surgical Rehabilitation as Physios make the patient move out of bed for the first time which marked the success of surgery and indicated patient’s positive recovery.

One major concern of patient’s relatives was to find an equally efficient Physio in Bhopal as nobody wants to compromise on the desired results. Today the Physiotherapists in Bhopal are competent enough and are at par with their global counter-parts. The only thing lacking is standardization of PT treatments with proper documentation and follow-ups, so that the patients don’t loose their line of treatment even after intervals and have all data for second opinion or follow ups.

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