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Advanced Physiotherapy in Bhopal​

Bhopal, the city of lakes has the history of Physiotherapy back since year 2000. Back then, the awareness regarding the availability of Advanced Physiotherapy in Bhopal was limited. However, with time, fitness awareness and also due to extensive Physiotherapy awareness programs being organized for doctors as well as for general public, the role of PT in various Orthopaedic, Neurological, Sports was realised but the proportion of qualified Physios was less.

The last 5 years have come up as a significant boom for Physiotherapy all over India as people realized that Physiotherapy is movement science, and since movement is life, there rose an increased demand for Physiotherapists in Bhopal.

With the advent of multi-specialty hospitals in the city, the residents understood the role of Physio. is very significant in but is not limited to the above-mentioned specialized. It has a wider scope covering everything that has reduced movement, as one of the chief goals of Physiotherapy is to restore lost movement.

Physiotherapy has proved its indispensable role in Post-surgical conditions too. Earlier people used to rush to bigger cities for advanced surgeries and on doctor’s recommendation, searched for Physiotherapy services post-surgery.  Neuro-surgery, Cardiac surgery, advanced Orthopaedic surgery, Plastic surgery, etc all recommended post-surgical Rehabilitation as Physios make the patient move out of bed for the first time which marked the success of the surgery and indicated the patient’s positive recovery.

One major concern of the patient’s relatives was to find an equally efficient Physio in Bhopal as nobody wants to compromise on the desired results. Today the Physiotherapists in Bhopal are competent enough and are at par with their global counterparts. The only thing lacking is the standardization of PT treatments with proper documentation and follow-ups so that the patients don’t lose their line of treatment even after intervals and have all data for second opinions or follow-ups.

To solve this dilemma of patients regarding differences in Physio treatment available in Bhopal, PHYSIQURE has come up with a unique solution. It’s obvious to get confused when looking for the best Physiotherapist in Bhopal. People often look for recommendations from their Doctors or known ones or often look for nearby Physiotherapy clinics available. Since time is money, the best Physiotherapy services are often replaced with convenience.

Since Physiotherapy is wide and varies from group sessions, individual sessions, corporate sessions, and awareness and training programs, the ultimate achievement is the result of the best-suited option in Physiotherapy treatment. PHYSIQURE is providing result-oriented, Evidence-based approaches which are creating an impact in health care.

Physiotherapy services in Bhopal have lacked documentation as is a vital part of metros and is indeed an important part of treatment. Until unless documented, the treatment is not fully complete as it is only between the patient and his Physio. which closes the chances of a better opinion. The use of technology has made documentation of assessment to treatment accessible to all-to patients as well as to Professionals.

Our team at PHYSIQURE comprises the best Physiotherapists in Bhopal to help you come out of your pain, aches, and dysfunctions. PHYSIQURE provides unique Physiotherapy services in Bhopal and that too within your reach. The wide range of Physiotherapy services provided are from acute and chronic back and neck pains to corporate wellness, geriatric care, paralysis, post-surgical Physiotherapy programs, and much more.

We believe that for complete recovery, proper communication is the key. PHYSIQURE offers unique and complete patient care solutions from assessment to treatment and most importantly your fingertips.

Consult the best Physiotherapists in Bhopal as your health is our passion.