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Why Choose Physiotherapy Treatment for Tennis Elbow?

The most common reason to seek treatment is for tennis elbow, a form of arthritis that results from overuse of the forearm muscles (also called the forearm extensor muscles) in everyday activities such as writing, eating, and playing sports. The wrist and forearm bones are usually weak and lack the elasticity to prevent injury. As a result, repeated movements can cause an increase in the rate of tissue damage, resulting in a loss of flexibility.

The treatment options vary according to what type of damage has been identified. The physiotherapist will assess the injury and recommend physical therapy, diagnostic testing, and rehabilitation or exercise programs. Usually the first step is to correct any deficits that have been developed through a lifetime of unhealthy habits (such as poor posture), and to return the individual’s mobility to normal before starting any exercise programs.

Why Choose Physiotherapy Treatment for Tennis Elbow? The physiotherapy team can provide a complete range of services to help an injured wrist and elbow resist the stress of activities such as daily household chores, sports and recreation, and driving. Physiotherapy can be used after an injury has been treated, or before beginning any exercise programs to help maintain the integrity and flexibility of the arm.

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