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What Are The Causes And Treatments Of Numbness In The Knee Or Leg After Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is a common operation with a high success rate. Although the vast majority of patients undertaking this procedure are very comfortable with their results, there are certain reasons why people might not be fully happy with their outcome. 

The most common after-knee replacement complications include persistent pain, swelling of the knee, and complications with the knee’s reconstruction. Each of these possible risks can be very severe, involving numerous surgical procedures. 

Some of the most severe and less frequent complications are the numbness of the skin around the knee’s incision.

Why is numbness so common?

Following knee replacement surgery, the tactile nerves of the skin must eventually be destroyed. About 50 percent of patients report symptoms of numbness across the skin incision area one year after surgery.

Reasons most often associated with numbness

  • Length of the cut: the length of surgical cutis the highly connected with the numbness. Longer surgical incisions will sever the nerves beneath the tissue.
  • Gender: Women are more supposed to be affected by painful incision numbness.Out of 100 patients who reports of pain 75 were women.
  • Patient age: people over 70 years of age were less concerned with abnormal incision-related stimuli.

    How am I supposed to reduce the burning pain after knee surgery?

    Treatment is intended to reduce pain and alleviate swelling of the nerves. There are many ways you can do this:

    Consult your doctor for advice on pain management

    Pain medicine can help relieve pain through a variety of mechanisms. Many pain killers are going to work for you and those who are not going to be as effective. You should contact a doctor before taking some pain medication.

    Visit the physiotherapist for the recommended exercise

    Physiotherapy can strengthen muscles by performing effective workouts. Both practices tend to help reduce pain in the nerve.

    These motions tend to easily ride the nerve without straining it, which helps draw the fluid from the nerve. The body uses the same method to pump fluid into the veins.

    Online physiotherapy is now going to benefit from latest technologies! You’re going to try treatment without ever leaving the bed.

    Knee and leg numbness is normal after surgery. For few, it will stay numb; however, for others, it will be improved and even completely healed. When you feel burning knee pain, there are options to treat it, including physiotherapy and pain relief exercises.

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