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How to Transform Physical Therapy Using VR

Physical therapy is a perfect healing tool to help you get rid of back pain and prevent injury. It helps to treat injuries and impairments and encourage muscle flexibility and strength.

  • Physical therapy empowers the patient to be a vehicle for their successful recovery rather than dependent on drug and medicine use.
  • Physical therapy is a treatment for chronic pain that disrupts or restricts movement.
  • Physical therapy experts recommend avoiding unnecessary surgery and drugs where possible and relying on the natural path of physical healing by exercise.
  • A modern method of physical therapy has recently emerged with the advent of medical technology. For the first time, Virtual reality plays a part in the application of physical therapy.

Make the physical therapy fun using virtual reality

Don’t forget that the ever-expanding issue of physical therapy is very sluggish and dull. VR addresses the very point of “gamification” care. Patients can now transform their experiences into play instead of only doing repetitive therapy exercises in the clinic’s atmosphere or at home in the living room.

  • Neck sprain victims attempt to fill buckets of water in VR rehabilitation games while moving and turning their necks.
  • People recovering from ankle surgery are playing games on a virtual tightrope.
  • Patients of wrist overuse injuries are attempting to pop balloons with a knife.

As patients play their therapy games, therapists collect useful data on what positions are still causing discomfort, places for improvement, and the recovery program adjusted.

What are the benefits of using VR therapy?

Change of the Physical Therapy

There’s no wonder why people are bored with physical therapy. Imagine that the doctors found a way to rehabilitate this debilitating knee injury while scaling the mountains? Your patient may be a soccer fan who would like to play catch at the NFL stadium. With the aid of virtual reality, patients will have an infinite range of environments to discover.

One of the key advantages of VR therapy is the ability of doctors to monitor patient movements. The machine would then relay the information to a computer that would help you monitor the patient’s progress.

Managing the pain

Many people suffer from pain every day. They just want an alternative to medicines that might aid their rehabilitation. Virtual reality is a way to reduce chronic and acute pain. Research has shown that pain receptors are less active when someone is immersed in virtual reality. This ability to lessen pain in patients has rapidly become one of the most significant benefits of VR therapy.

The Learning Tool

But VR is not only for patients. However, one of the crucial benefits of VR therapy is the willingness of health institutions to use it as an educational tool. This provides health practitioners the opportunity to communicate with patients in a supportive setting and has been a vital educational tool for many health schools.

Managing the stress

One of the advantages of VR therapy is the potential to help alleviate stress in patients.There have been many facilities that use VR to help cancer patients deal with stress.

Traditional Therapy

Many physios have found benefits in VR therapy when it comes to treating patients. Many physicians use VR to help people with fears and phobias. Immersion therapy is not always recommended but works for many. This type of treatment will encircle a patient with what they fear most. The hope is that, eventually, when faced head-on, they can realize that fear can be overcome.

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