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Is Physiotherapy the Most Effective Treatment For Common Backaches?

Physiotherapy can be the most effective treatment for common backaches. It is a stepped approach to treatment that offers simple interventions early in the healing process. Diagnostic triage and patient education are the first steps. Then physiotherapy can be the next step, and most patients can return to work within a few weeks. For the most part, physiotherapy is effective in treating common backaches and is therefore the preferred treatment option.

There are several types of treatment for common backaches. Some patients require medication while others do not. A specialist treatment plan may include group therapy, education on pain, and relaxation techniques. In many cases, back pain can be treated with surgery, but this is usually recommended only when specific medical issues prevent more conservative measures. This procedure involves inserting needles into nerves to block pain signals. A local anaesthetic is usually administered, so patients do not have to stay overnight in a hospital.

Physiotherapy can also be used as a management tool for neck and back pain. A physiotherapist will take a patient’s history and perform a physical examination to identify functional deficits. After a few weeks, the pain should have reduced or disappeared completely. If the pain persists, the physiotherapist may recommend a short course of physiotherapy. A short course is often enough to address the symptoms.

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