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How to Manage Ankle Sprains With Physiotherapy

If you have an ankle sprain and would like to learn more about how to manage it with physiotherapy, read this article. You’ll learn the importance of immobilization, how to rest the affected ankle, and how to strengthen the muscles around the ankle. Immobilization is important to the healing process and can speed up your return to normal activities. Exercises include sitting in a chair or standing in a splint.

Initially, you should seek medical attention. While ankle sprains are often associated with sports, they can also happen in everyday life. A foot that is stepped off a curb when you aren’t paying attention can result in a sprain. Walking up stairs can also lead to an ankle sprain, so make sure to get checked out by a physiotherapist. You must also seek medical attention for any suspected broken bones, which require different management. In the early stages, physiotherapy isn’t recommended.

Physical therapy can help speed up recovery and prevent ankle sprains. Physiotherapy can help restore muscle control and improve your ankle’s range of motion. Depending on the severity of your injury, your physiotherapist can prescribe exercises to help you regain your balance. During the rehab process, you’ll start by doing exercises that help you regain proprioception – the sense of where you’re standing and moving your ankle. To do this, start with a simple exercise – stand on your injured foot with your other foot. Build up the time until you can hold this for 30 seconds. Then, progress to a more advanced exercise.

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