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How Therapeutic Massage Can Help Get You Back in Game

As an athlete, especially one who plays basketball or soccer, it’s important to be able to keep your body conditioned for both game day and practice. This is especially true if you’ve had a tough season and are missing time due to injury.

Luckily, there is a solution that is fast becoming popular among athletes and other sports enthusiasts: massage therapy. Specifically, this type of therapeutic massage is used in physiotherapy to help regain strength, mobility, and endurance in the body.

How does it work? During a therapeutic massage, your physiotherapist will work with various parts of your musculature. He or she will begin with a thorough evaluation and examination of your body. Next, the physiotherapist will set the stage for a very detailed massage treatment targeting the major muscles as well as any other areas of your body that may be stiff and restricting your range of motion.

By working with the major muscles as well as those smaller muscles that make up your core, you’ll be able to strengthen your muscles and return them to their original condition quickly. In addition to strengthening your muscles, therapeutic massage also helps to reduce any inflammation in your tissues which can also impact your recovery process.

During the therapeutic massage portion of your physiotherapy treatment, your physiotherapist will continue to evaluate your condition. If you’re having any injuries or concerns, your physiotherapist will discuss these with you and determine the best course of treatment. While you’ll likely still be at home recovering from your physiotherapy treatments, you’ll soon notice a difference in your appearance and even your overall energy level.

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