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How to Curb Your Sprains and Stains with Physiotherapy

For people who suffer from regular mild to moderate sprain or strain (also known as “sprains”) the recovery time after a treatment can take weeks if not longer. If you are suffering from a severe muscle sprain or strain, it could take several months or even years to fully recover from your injury.

A major benefit of physiotherapy is that you are able to learn how to manage your pain more effectively once your injury has healed. The goal of physiotherapy is to return your muscles to a level that is normally maintained while you sleep. Therefore, when you wake up you will be able to perform all of your normal activities.

Physiotherapy is the most effective way to manage pain resulting from sprains and strains because it helps you strengthen your muscles so they can more effectively provide the protection that is needed against further pain and damage. Your physical therapist can recommend a variety of different exercise programs to strengthen your muscles.

Once you have been given pain relief the appropriate exercises can be began in order to help you regain the use of your muscles that you had before your accident. Once you have fully recovered from your injury, your physiotherapist will likely offer you a second assessment in order to determine the level of pain that you are currently experiencing.

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