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How Physiotherapy Can Help In Recovering From Total Hip Replacement Surgery

If you’ve had total hip replacement surgery, you’ve probably heard about physiotherapy. What’s it exactly? The answer varies greatly, but it basically involves a series of outpatient physical therapy sessions, typically twice a week, to strengthen and stretch the muscles around the hip joint. This type of therapy will last for a number of weeks following your surgery. Your physiotherapist will also give you advice on your recovery, including how to regain strength and balance.

During the first couple of weeks following the operation, you will most likely need crutches or a frame to walk. During this time, a physiotherapist will work with you to perform exercises designed to strengthen your hip and speed up your recovery. While the timeframe for your recovery will depend on your individual needs, it should be at least one to three weeks before you can stop using crutches or walking. After that, you’ll begin feeling more normal.

In the first weeks following your surgery, your physiotherapist will work with you to learn the best exercises to practice. Many exercises will help you avoid further injury and pain after surgery. In addition to exercises designed to help you recover faster, they will help you avoid developing other health problems that may delay your recovery. During the second weeks after surgery, you’ll begin walking and weight bearing.

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