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Exercise Is The Best Medicine: What Makes It True?

The term ‘Exercise’ is now a mantra used by fitness experts, doctors. But is physical exercise as successful as prescription drugs? “Yeah, it’s a drug, and even better. It’s a healthy medication with minimal side effects,

We often hear from doctors, friends and parents, that, “Do some exercise; it’s good for you.” But who will tell you exactly how much exercise will benefit you and what kind of exercise you need? 

Benefits of doing exercise:

  1. This is a Brain Booster
  2. It raises the spirits
  3. It’s Best Skin Care in the World
  4. It holds You, Young
  5. It supports and speeds up the cure
  6. It makes you lose weight 

People who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle live longer, and healthier. In comparison, physical inactivity has an incredible variety of adverse health effects. Let’s talk in-depth about these benefits.

Benefits of doing exercise:

This is a Brain Booster

Exercise increases circulation of blood to the brain and encourages the formation of the new brain and blood vessels. A recent study reveals that a muscle-secreted protein called cathepsin B is directly related to memory and cognition.

It raises the spirits.

Exercise relieves stress, promotes sleep and raises the spirit. It decreases the risk of depression and anxiety and can be used in therapy.

It’s Best Skin Care in the World

Your skin is sparkling because the increased blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients that enhance the health of the skin.

It holds You, Young.

Balance and flexibility not only keep you healthy and youthful, but even experts suggest that the fitness will add up to 5 years to the life. It tends to prevent cell ageing.

It supports and speeds up the cure.

Experts say that people with diseases such as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, or heart disease, or people recovering from a stroke, can control symptoms and heal more easily by exercising. Throw out those old wives tales that warn you not to use your joints if you have arthritis or chronic lower back pain.

It makes you lose weight. 

You know it makes you lose weight. This is part of every balanced eating schedule. But remember, exercise helps build muscle and possibly raises your appetite, so losing weight does not come easily. But the good news is that exercise helps you burn fat more effectively and shrink fat cells. Thus, your body would be able to tune-up.


Now the things are obvious that an exercise is a handy tool for 

  • Care and prevention of chronic illness
  • Minimizing the adverse effects of obesity
  • Reducing mortality rates

Furthermore, exercise also has a significant effect on functional ability and quality of life. Indeed, training is medicine and many experts see physical inactivity as the main public health problem of today’s time.

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