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Electrical Stimulation: How It Helps in Physiotherapy Pain Treatment

Electrical stimulation is the most commonly used form of physiotherapy for chronic and acute pain conditions. The principle behind the treatment is the use of electric current to provide an electric shock or stimulation to the body.

These electrical pulses are usually conducted at frequencies above twenty hertz. These electric pulses are delivered both to the brain and into the body through the spinal cord and surrounding tissues.

What is the role of Electrical stimulation treatment?

Electrical stimulation is an effective treatment for pain relief, but it must be administered by a trained professional, or the patient may experience side effects such as muscle weakness and tingling. Most of the patients that have received this treatment have reported that the pain sensation is initially felt in the lower back or buttocks, though it typically reaches the upper extremities.

The pain may continue to grow along with the electrical pulses until the pain has been successfully treated. Patients that receive continuous electrical treatments have reported increased levels of pain relief and improved range of motion of the muscles.

The treatment is usually conducted on an outpatient basis and it can take up to two hours to complete. This type of therapy is usually used to treat chronic pain conditions that respond well to light and sound stimulation. Patients usually receive two to five treatments each week. The sessions normally alternate between low intensity stimulation (about five minutes) and high-intensity stimulation (five minutes). Both types of therapy can be beneficial for the patient.

After physiotherapy is conducted, patients will be instructed on ways to prevent the recurrence of the pain. The treatments can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies. Physical education, stress management techniques and exercise can help speed recovery. Therapy can also teach the patient skills for managing their pain. They should learn techniques for applying ice packs, muscle relaxants, hot packs and passive stretches.

Electrical stimulation in physiotherapy is often used in combination with laser therapy for chronic back and neck pain conditions. Electrical stimulation helps reduce inflammation around the injured area.

The process of electrical stimulation uses a low-level electrical current to target damaged or irritated muscles or soft tissues. The targeted muscles become more responsive to the electrical stimulation over time.

Electrical stimulation in physiotherapy is often used in conjunction with manual therapy in order to achieve the best results. This treatment has been proven to be successful for many patients who are suffering from a wide variety of different pain conditions.

It can provide significant pain relief and improvements to the range of motion for people with chronic pain conditions. If you are suffering from back pain or any other chronic pain conditions, you may want to schedule an appointment with a qualified professional today for a full evaluation and treatment.

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