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What are Different types of Physiotherapists and what they do?

There are Clinical and Functional Physiotherapist. The main difference between a Clinical or Functional Physiotherapist and a Chiropractor is that the former specializes in treatment and prevention of injuries, while the latter deals with treatment only of injuries. It is therefore important to clarify the difference between the two. A Chiropractor primarily deals with the treatment and prevention of physical injury while a Clinical or Functional Physiotherapist primarily deals with the management of the musculoskeletal system.

Can a physiotherapist treat or prevent physical injury? Yes, but not exclusively. The physiotherapist has many other roles, for example teaching and research work as well as supervision of healthcare professionals. They often collaborate with other healthcare professionals to develop appropriate rehabilitation programs for patients suffering from injuries or those with certain types of illnesses. As mentioned, the role of a physiotherapist is quite broad and varies according to the field of specialization that they are working in.

In summary, a physiotherapist is an essential part of the healthcare team especially in rehabilitation. The job of a physiotherapist includes the prevention of injuries, the management of therapy and rehabilitation and evaluation of patients. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right physiotherapist who has the relevant knowledge and skills for the various tasks associated with rehabilitation and therapy.

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