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Try Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Exercises at Physique Physiotherapy Service

The frozen shoulder is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. The pain and stiffness can make it difficult to move your arm or do daily tasks. The condition also makes it hard to sleep through the night.

Frozen Shoulder is treated with physiotherapy, which is a type of manual therapy. Manual therapy involves the use of hands to manipulate the body and improve movement. It is often used to treat chronic pain and movement restrictions.

The main goal of treatment for Frozen Shoulder is to restore range of motion to the shoulder joint by breaking down scar tissue that forms around it and loosening the muscles surrounding it. This allows you to move your shoulder more easily without pain or stiffness.

Physique physiotherapy service is a safe and effective treatment option for frozen shoulder. Here are the benefits of treating frozen shoulder with physiotherapy:

1. Physiotherapists can help you regain movement in your arm and shoulder by using specialized exercises that work on the affected area. These exercises can also help strengthen your muscles, which will make them less likely to become stiff again in the future.

2. Physiotherapy is an easy way to treat frozen shoulder because you don’t have to take any medication or undergo surgery—you just need to go see your physiotherapist regularly!

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