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The Importance of Physiotherapy For Treating Back Pain

Physiotherapy is very important for patients with back pain, because it helps to increase the mobility in the injured back muscles and so reduces the amount of pain the patient experiences. The physiotherapist will teach the patient how to move the injured back correctly and so help to restore normal movement in that part of the body. The importance of physiotherapy is also highlighted in that it can help the patient to increase the strength in their injured back muscles, which will in turn reduce any further pain they are experiencing.

When a patient comes to see a physiotherapist, they will first be seen to determine the cause of their back pain. Then a suitable exercise regime will be designed for them to follow, which should be supervised by the doctor, to help them achieve maximum results from their treatment. Once healed, a physiotherapist will often advise the patient on how they can prevent any further pain occurring by getting more exercise and stretching each day. In this way, the patients exercise program will become an ongoing one, to help them avoid any future back pain affecting their lifestyle.

In order to treat severe or chronic back pain, a physiotherapist will often recommend a patient to take part in physical therapy, which will often be combined with massage therapy. By combining these techniques, a physiotherapist is able to treat not just the back muscles and joints of the patient, but also their posture and breathing techniques, as well as helping the patient to relax and so reduce any tension and stress in the muscles of the back. This will all help to promote healing of the injured back and therefore reduce any further pain the patient is experiencing.

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