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Do you know certain clinical condition just require proper guidance, to know more connect to us

Pain Ease

Pain Ease

We at PhysiQure try to kill the cause of pain instead of pain killers

Paralysis Recovery​ Physiotherapy

Paralysis Recovery

Recovery of Paralysis should be oriented with short/long term goals and plans

Physiotherapy for Spine Health

Spine Health

Back Pain and neck pains should not be neglected, avoid complication....

Shoulder Flexibility​ Physiotherapy

Shoulder Flexibility

The Joint having muscular dominance so prone to injury

Knee Care​ Physiotherapy

Knee Care

Wear and tear of the knee joint is common but can prevent

Post Surgical Physiotherapy​

Post Surgical Physiotherapy

Surgeons did his best job lets make it more successful with muscular recovery

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

A healthy employee would be more beneficial for an organization

Women Health​

Women's Health

From Pregnancy to Osteoporosis in menopause exercise are helpful

Online Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Prevention of injury is must & recovery from injury should be faster....


Geriatric Care

Elder Care would not be complete if they are not functionally independent

Cardio Pulmonary​

Cardio Pulmonary

The Endurance of Heart and lungs should be maintained all the time

Neuro Rehab​

Neuro Rehab

Main Aim of Neuro Rehab is to achieve the best potential of patient & independence

cancer rehab

Cancer Rehab

The medical team is contributing to getting you medically fit, we Can surely get you physically fit.

Paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

From delayed development to other pains and postural issues do connect us.


Home Care

There is always a debate between facilities at the clinic v/s at home. Let us decide which setup is better for your problem.