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Reasons You Must Consider Online Physiotherapy Treatment!

Online telehealth consultations are great for anyone trying to seek physiotherapy services. They are particularly useful for those living in rural or suburban areas and cannot reach the clinic for any reason.

In some instances, patients responded much better when engaged in an advanced clinical exercise routine and taught, to some degree, how to self-treat.

Our Physio’s will show you how to use balls and rollers to self-treat symptoms and tense muscles. There are always many things around your home that might be useful, such as broomsticks, tennis balls.

Who directly benefits from Physiqure telehealth consultation?

Pregnant and young mothers

If you’re pregnant and can’t get into the clinic or just have your baby and can’t get out of the house, Physiqure physio is there for you. We will look at breastfeeding postures and guide how to reduce your baby’s risk of mastitis, neck pain, and lower back pain.

Pregnant women often also get muscle tightness and muscle cramps. Exercisesand Stretching can quickly be done through a telehealth consultation with our health physio.

Rehabilitation workers

 There are also ways to relieve and reduce pain without hands-on care. Useful advice is also the best method of care. For example, someone recovering from a post-operative operation will be taught how to perform exercises correctly and thus rehabilitate without entering the clinic. If you’re unwell and unable to visit the clinic, it’s a great time to take advantage of a telehealth consultation. You don’t have to endure suffering if you can’t get into the clinic.

Respiratory issues

Many with respiratory issues, such as asthma and other conditions, need to remain at home during flu season. We will quickly teach youdiaphragm exercises, breathing, and chest strength exercises to support these conditions by online consultation. Maintaining your safety is necessary if you are home and unable to access a clinic. Essentially, you need to do some form of exercise that will move you so your condition will not deteriorate.

Children and adults at home

Our team also offers parents advice on their babies, whether it’s a postural or a movement issue. Kids, students, or desk workers who do schoolwork or work at home can sit for long periods. They may also be sitting with bad posture and experiencing discomfort with the right advice on how to sit, how long to sit, how to set up your desk, and more. Especially for those working from home, workout routines can be tailored to ensure that their bodies do not start developing tightness and soreness from bad postures and patterns produced when working from home.

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