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Try out online physiotherapy treatment during this COVID 19 pandemic

We recognize that there are myriad factors that stop you from leaving your home and seeing the physiotherapist face to face. It can be an inability to visit your Physio due to limited access, sickness, a pandemic like the one we’re seeing at the moment, or other factors. Due to these, you should not stop yourself to seek the help and guidance of a professional physio to start your rehabilitation. That’s where Physicure telehealth services come in.               

In response to this COVID 19 pandemic, we took the physiotherapy consultation process online. This means that you can have a ‘virtual’ consultation via an app that you can use from the comfort of your home.                       

How does PhysiQure app work?

Our physiotherapist will check your issues, make a diagnosis, and then develop a tailored rehabilitation plan after a video call from the app. All details will be sent to your app along with the detailed plan on what to do and how to do it. Your all health records are saved on this app and based on these we provide customized physiotherapy exercises, treatments along concerned exercise videos from our library having more than 2000 videos. We also take regular feedback from our patients about the treatment so that we can change the exercise as per the performance of the patient.

Who’s supposed to use online physio? People who:

  • Want the convenience of knowledge of physiotherapists without leaving their home
  • Are unable to attend a meeting in person due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Have obstacles that keep them from traveling.
  • Have access issues, such as living abroad or residing in rural or remote areas

For what we should be consulted:

The biggest advantage of Physicure is that you can make an appointment from anywhere. While it’s true that we can’t deal with all the problems with this medium, the benefits always outweigh the cons. And if you need physiotherapy, wherever you are, however busy your day is, you will always have access to the treatment you need.

Problems that can be treated with our basic exercises:

  • Sprained Ankle
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Knee Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Anyone with Transport Difficulties
  • People in Self-Isolation

And many more….

About the start-up

This technology-driven telehealth start-up is a combination of tech expert’s Digicure and physiotherapy specialist. The Physicure is itself coming up with 4 physiotherapy centres at various locations for those who are not satisfied and want real-time treatment. There they will get quality treatment at very affordable rates.

Get quality services online from physiotherapists having more than 10 years of experience and our expert technical team. 

Tech team:

  • Akash tendon (Worked before in BHEL)
  • Saketasati (Worked before in the USA after doing MTECH. Owner of Digiure)
  • Ankurchaurasia (Worked before in Tata Consultancy)

Physio team:

Dr.AnubhaSinghai (senior physiotherapist, worked before in Bansal. Running physio Desk Company from last 3 years, also acquired Physiotime magazine in Bhopal.

We believe that no matter where you come from, you should be able to talk to a professional regarding your physical health problems. It’s our goal to help you feel and move pain-free.

What are the advantages of Physicure app?

  • Continuity of treatment – You will have access to your physiotherapist anytime you need it.
  • Time – you should get help NOW instead of waiting.
  • Location – your appointment can be made wherever you are. There’s no need to come in and see us.
  • Follow-ups – you can provide as much or as little feedback to us as you need. You will have a response to any questions or feedback, directly from the online physio, supporting those who know exactly what your recovery plan looks like.
  • Costs – our online physio services offer excellent value for money. It gives you as much or as little input from a physiotherapist as you need to recover from your injury or achieve your goals.

The best bit of it? You can do all of this from your smartphone, wherever you are in the world. If you’re flying, the physiotherapist is going with you.

How does a Physio treat my injury without touching me?

Physiotherapy is not what it used to be! Gone are the days of lying on a bed session after a session, getting a needle, a soft tissue massage, and sending you home with an exercise or two. While this may be helpful in the short term, research indicates that exercise in combination with education is the most effective method of treatment for aches and pains felt by the body. Both of which can be done through the guidance of your physiotherapist using online platforms.

And all this you will get free of cost during the COVID 19 pandemic!

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