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How to Treat and Cure Calf Pain with Physiotherapy

How to treat and cure Calf Pain with Physiotherapy focuses on the relationship between the patient and therapist. The objective of physiotherapy is to reduce pain, control muscle stiffness and improve function. The physiotherapist will use a variety of techniques to help the patient achieve these goals.

One of the most common techniques used is passive resistance exercise (PRE). This involves the patient lying on their side with the hip flexor muscles in flexion and the knee in straight position. The therapist then holds a slightly bent knee and places both hands on either side of the lower spine using mild but effective pressures. The PRE technique is used to treat both acute and chronic pain. Other specific exercises are used to treat different parts of the back and neck.

Another well-known pain management strategy is heat therapy. There are two types of heat therapy; deep heat and light heat. Deep heat therapy is used to reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain in people with severe pain. Light heat therapy is used to warm up the muscles and increase blood flow to the area so that more nutrients are carried to the injured site.

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