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How Does The COVID- 19 Reshape The Future Of The Rehab Therapy?

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way many services are provided across a wide range of industries. Even the health service is affected by this. The virtual treatment is the remedy that came out of this pandemic.

Rehab centers have begun providing Virtual Physiotherapy over the phone or via video call. Musculoskeletal problems can indeed be managed successfully every day through remote rehabilitation, achieving excellent results for many people.

This content aims to give you an understanding of how common problems such as back pain can be managed remotely without having to visit a physiotherapist in and after this COVID pandemic.

Why do Virtual Physio Consultations during CVOID-19 become so important?

Several patients were pushed into isolation as a result of COVID-19, which means they lost their right to get routine physiotherapy evaluation and care. Out of these peoples, many rely on physio to continue to work, while others can experience new pain or injury and cannot leave the house to get checked.

Some of these comprise:

  • Patients with immune deficiencies
  • A history of patients with lung diseases
  • Elderly patients who need to travel freely to avoid other problems in their health
  • Moms and Dads that are now working from home.
  • Health care workers who work through injury all around the clock and need some help in their spare time

How Does Virtual Physiotherapy treatment works?

Step 1: Book your appointment

Make an appointment by calling any of the centres.  They will answer questions you may have during this consultation and explain how virtual physiotherapy can help.

Step 2: Send a welcome email

Check inbox! Your physiotherapist will give you a personal email containing the date of your initial assessment.

Step 3: An initial evaluation of virtual physiotherapy

To help find the cause of your pain, they will ask questions. Physio’s will try to the find the most painful positions. This will help them to create a customized treatment.

Step 4: The Care Plan

Once your evaluation is complete, your physio will email you a care plan outlining at-home treatments to reduce your pain and help you meet your goals.

Step 5: Follow Up

Your physiotherapist using the app will follow-up with you to check your progress! They will also guide the exercises during these supervised therapy sessions, and provide you with self-mobilization at home.

Digital physiotherapy is an alternative to face-to-face consultation. This will save time and produce excellent outcomes, or what we might deem ‘good treatment results.’

It connects you to a trained physiotherapist from the comfort of your home, work or wherever you need to be.

Book a session today on Virtual Care

Virtual treatment may have been an initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its benefits for patients have quickly become apparent, and it’s a service that will remain here even as our clinics begin to reopen slowly.

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