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Find the Answer to Your Back Pains with physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a treatment for various types of back problems like a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, neck pain and lower back pain. In this treatment the therapists use many massage techniques that can be used in combination to relieve the pain caused by these conditions. In order to treat your back problems with physiotherapy you need to know first the type of treatment you have been suffering with.


When it comes to this, you will find that most back problems are commonly caused by muscle pain or spasm. You need to consult a professional physiotherapist who can tell you what type of treatment you should undergo to treat your back pain. The treatment may vary from simple stretching exercises to exercise programs to medications.


The physiotherapy program involves different types of exercises that are designed in order to stretch the muscles of your back as well as the surrounding tissues. It includes exercises to strengthen the muscles of your back, exercises that train your back muscles and exercises that help you control the movements of your muscles. This treatment aims at increasing the strength of your back muscles and also rebuild the injured muscles so that you will be able to manage the pain properly.


The physiotherapist will teach you how to manage the pain that you are feeling. He/She will advise you on physical therapy in order to improve the flexibility of your muscles. The exercises carried out by the therapist in this case are not only aimed at strengthening the muscles but also at rebuilding the damaged parts of the back.

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