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Aged Care Physiotherapy : What it is?

Physiotherapists in aged care facilities play a vital role in restoring self-confidence, mobility and physical strength to residents. Using specialised equipment and techniques, therapists are able to provide rehabilitation that helps residents remain active and engaged in life. The treatments focus on rehabilitation and maintaining independence. This will improve the overall quality of life for the residents. A study found that 60% of physiotherapists felt that their consultation and treatment time was not adequate.

The proportion of older peoplesare increasing. Meanwhile, medical standards are improving. However, despite the advancement in medicine, fewer people are available to support the growing population of older adults. Physiotherapists are essential to help these individuals maintain their independence. With these advancements, age care is quickly becoming an increasingly valuable field.

The number of physiotherapists in aged care is increasing. The demand for Aged Care Physiotherapy Bhopal professionals is increasing. In fact, 80% of residents suffer from chronic pain. To provide effective pain management, physiotherapists must follow the same assessment protocols as other physiotherapists. As a result, many older people are unable to access regular PT sessions. Poor funding and Medicare are among the common barriers that prevent them from accessing the services they need.

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