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5 Reasons why Women’s Need to See a Physiotherapist in Pregnancy

Physiotherapy during pregnancy can significantly enhance your discomfort, such as back pain, and increase your body’s capacity to make pregnancy and childbirth easier and smother. Physiotherapy is not just about recovery. Consider using physiotherapy in your prenatal treatment as well.

Physiotherapist should take a better approach, treat, and instruct pregnant women about efficient and healthy exercises to improve flexibility, physical stamina, and coordination during and after pregnancy.

Here are some of the reasons why women should see a physiotherapist during pregnancy:

  • Provides relief of lower back pain

Lower back pain during pregnancy should come as no surprise to anyone. Your body sis not used to lift the extra weight associated with pregnancy. As a result, the excess weight you carry will raise your lower back, which can cause pain and discomfort.

Physiotherapy is effective in this form of pain. It helps to relax the muscles and relieve them of the tension induced by excess weight. Physiotherapists involve their patients in activities that bind muscles close to their spine, giving them pain relief. Massage can also help with this kind of discomfort.

  • Helps to fight incontinence

Incontinence is an issue that many women have posed as a pre-and post-natal problem. Women find it difficult to regulate their bladder due to changes in the pelvic floor muscles, which can be very humiliating and irritating. Interestingly, physiotherapy may help to manage it.

The exercises you do during physiotherapy help to regulate your muscles better, helping you to get rid of the incontinence phase. Urinary incontinence after childbirth is 80 per cent less common among women who undergo physiotherapy throughout pregnancy.

  • Relaxes the tight joints

A woman’s body undergoes several changes during pregnancy. These changes are very quick, and as a result, the body does not have enough time to adapt to these changes comfortably. As a result, pregnant women also complain of muscle pain and joint pain.

Their muscles get overloaded, and their joints get sore. Physiotherapy helps them in that situation. It focuses and operates on particular areas of pain and stiffness. Physiotherapists prescribe exercises directed at particular muscles to minimize discomfort and give quicker results.

  • Helps to get rid of strain on the body

Pregnancy places immense strain on the body of a woman. Physical changes that follow pregnancy include increased body weight, fluid retention, and dysfunction of support systems. These changes contribute to later adaptations, such as changes in the load and positioning of the spine and load-bearing joints, which also cause back pain and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy.

Basic flexibility exercise with a physiotherapist is one way to help avoid and relieve back pain during and after pregnancy.

  • Smooth Delivery

Using their knowledge of the pelvic floor, physiotherapists will show women how to step forward efficiently during childbirth. Pushing correctly decreases the risk of pelvic floor damage and associated complications.

Women’s pelvic health may be affected during pregnancy and function. Thus the specific instruction from physiotherapists to test muscles, connective tissues and nerves will help a lot.

The journey of pregnancy is beautiful. There’s no point in going through those nine months of discomfort and pain. Keep clean, stay healthy and involved, and you’re going to be good to go!

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