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Muscular Stiffness? Don't Worry !
PhysiQure Presents Flexi-Lab

Build the foundation of movement that will last for a LIFETIME

Medical research has shown that a great deal of health is directly related to physical activity.Human beings are designed to move, therefore for rediscovering the joy of an active and healthy life, PhysiQure has brought FLEXI LAB- your flexibility partner.

What is It ?

FLEXI-LAB is a designed and customized stretching exercise program of muscle and fascia release of your whole body without putting undue stress on the body.

Why Flexi-Lab ?

It’s totally impossible to incorporate stretching exercise protocol into your routine without getting involved in dedicated class.

Fascial release and stretching of muscle gives plethora of benefit but when its done incorrectly, it can  actually do more harm than good. So a qualified team of movement experts at PHYSIQURE FLEXILAB will guide your body to efficient way of moving. It’s essential to understand the right technique, in the right manner.

Each of the flexilab is trained or certified enough to help you to keep you mobile in terms of flexibility.

Benefits !

  • Increase ROM/flexibility
  • Help prevent injuriesImprove postural alignment
  • Improve body awareness
  • Increase energy conservation
  • Improve overall health at the physical and at an emotional level
  • Anyone can join flexilab, regardless of age, gender, or work nature.
  • Whether you sit at your desk all day, do house chores or do a heavy workout, FLEXILAB is for you.

Whats in a Session ?

  • Each session will comprise of
  • 5 Min. warmup
  • 25 Min stretching of Muscles
  •  25 Min fascial release by Cupping, Soft tissue Release, IASTM Etc. 
  •  5 Min cool down. 
  • We Do Promote Group Strechings 

Our Locations 

You can Avail this Service at any of our Nearest Location.

  • 49 Indus Empire Phase 3 Rohit Nagar Bhopal
  • 54 Vinay Housing Society near Hotel Abhinav Palace Hosangabad Road Bhopal.
  •  244 C Mahaveer Apartment, Near ESI Hospital Indrapuri Bhopal
  •  4 Avantika Parisar Lalghati Square Gufa Mandir Road LalGhati Bhopal

Our Packages!

Personal Flexi-lab sessions. –“ POWER OF PERSONALIZED ATTENTION”

During the initial assessment with our Physiotherapist, you will receive an individualized and customized exercise program, specially designed for your needs and goals.

Plan 1:

  • 4 sessions in a month.
  • Rs. 1000 Per Month or Rs 5000 Per Year.

Plan 2 :

  • 8 Sessions in a Month
  • Rs. 1500 Per Month or Rs 8000 Per Year.