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What Types of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy are Available?

Types of Orthopedic Physiotherapy include sports medicine, occupational therapy, geriatric, rehabilitation, active release, sports physical therapy and paediatric. Orthopedic physiotherapy deals with the entire musculoskeletal system including bones, muscles and tendons in your body.

These parts are susceptible to accidents or trauma such as fractures, sprains, strains, surgery or repetitive trauma, and multiple injuries over a period of time. It can also deal with injuries that happen to you in the work place.

There is a great need for the healthcare industry to have types of orthopedic physiotherapy, since most injuries occur in our workplace. It can help an employer take care of any injury that their employee might have to deal with.

Most of the injuries that people experience at work are due to overexertion, slip and fall, lifting heavy objects improperly, being too cold or not getting enough sleep, and not getting enough exercise. Some people injure themselves from working on their car as well. Car accidents can cause concussions, head injuries, and fractures.

How orthopaedic physiotherapist assesses your health

The orthopedic physiotherapist will examine the patient and do some tests to assess the severity of the patient’s injuries. Afterwards, they will write out a treatment plan for the patient.

This plan will be used as a guideline so that when the physiotherapist does treat the patient, they know what they should be doing. Sometimes it takes some trial and error on the part of the orthopedic physiotherapist, but they should be able to figure out what works best.

Many types of orthopedic physiotherapy treatments are given in the hospital. One of the treatments may require that the patient be put under observation for a couple of days while the physiotherapist heals the patient. When the physiotherapist heals the patient, they will post him or her in a room so that the patient can have some privacy.

Physiotherapists usually give the patient exercise instructions and recommend that the patient eat a balanced diet during the course of the therapy. Some people will also be asked to avoid certain foods during the course of the physiotherapy.

Orthopedic physiotherapy is often used to treat many musculoskeletal conditions. Back pain is very common for patients who have injured their backs. Some of these conditions include degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, fibromyalgia, and spinal stenosis. There are many types of exercises that can be done to treat back pain. Many times, orthopedic physical therapists use medication and physiotherapy treatments alongside the exercise programs to help patients heal more quickly.

The types of orthopedic physiotherapy treatments that vary widely are the kinds that an individual can receive. In some instances, a patient may only need to be treated for mild soreness. Other times, they may need to be treated for more serious conditions.

The best thing for patients to do is to contact an orthopedic physical therapist or a doctor if they are unsure about which type of treatment is best for them. There are many resources available on the internet, including articles written by doctors and physiotherapists.

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