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What to Expect From Your Visit with a Geriatric Physio?

The first step on your journey to better health is a visit with Geriatric Physiotherapists in Bhopal. What will happen on your visit?


During your first appointment, you will have an opportunity to discuss your condition and symptoms with the physio. The physio will give you a complete examination, which may include taking x-rays or doing some other diagnostic imaging.


After the exam, the clinician will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for your condition. This plan might include some advice on self-management strategies for pain relief.


If pain relief is what you’re hoping for, there are many options such as exercise programs or chiropractic care that might be recommended. Your therapist may also recommend prescribing certain medications, such as antidepressants or anti-seizure drugs.


The point of this information is to let you know what to expect from a visit with a geriatric physiotherapist. If you’re an elderly person looking for relief from pain and restoration of function, then physiotherapy may be the answer!Geriatric physiotherapy is an excellent choice if you’re looking for effective treatment at a great value!

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