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Greetings for the day!
Being from the field of biological sciences, we all know how changes and adaptations are the rules of nature as told by Charles Darwin. Well, in the field of technology also its cognatory and customary to bring in changes or features to adapt to the clientele requirements. Here are such new features of DigiQure app to help us serve you better :

Staff (Receptionist) Login for multiple doctors.

Now, one can give access to their staff members to manage the basic functions for multiple doctors (doctors can have a common staff member) such as,

  • Booking and managing appointments
  • Making follow-up calls and marking statuses of these calls
  • Sending notifying SMS’s to the patients

Transactional SMS's in Hindi.

“It is astonishing how much one can get out of a language that one understands imperfectly.” As true as that sounds we know how much you witness it on a daily basis. So, for your convenience we brought in this new feature where-in the prescriptions as well as SMS’s can be sent in our national and most common tongue Hindi.

Prescriptions in Hindi

Most of the patients are comfortable in Hindi Instructions and it was a demand from doctors for a long time. Now you can print Prescription in Hindi also.

Q&A Module updates.

Q&A is different for the variety of patients you attend, so we took utmost care to keep the Q&A module most customisable and updated as per need. You can add or remove the set of Q&A at the click of a button. Also to provide flexibility that some questions might not be of the nature to be printed on the prescription we have made Miscellaneous category of questions as default not to be printed on the prescription. So you can add such question under Miscellaneous category and if at any point of time you want to make particular miscellaneous question also to be printed you can always check the check-box for “Show in Prescription” for that particular question.

Backdated appointments and payments.

Another new feature allows the doctor to add backdated appointments and payments that were missed looking at other prioritised needs of that hour. We are mentioning the logs here for the backdated appointments all the backdated appointments and their respective payments will now be visible in this logs section which can be found on: Home>Settings>Back Dated Bookings. 

'mark as no show' option.

The patients who book an appointment and don’t show-up can now be marked as “no show” from the create case window and receptionist or other staff member could be asked to take follow-ups from such patients to keep your work-flow and time streamlined.

Case templates.

For the similar repetitive cases that can be suggested same medicines and prescriptions we have incorporated a feature that would enable you to quickly add these saved templates to prescribe the medicines and patient notes for the respective patients. You can create a template once and for all and then keep adding it for the respective cases.

Patients Follow-ups Management.

Receptionists can now directly make calls to patients and send reminders,  accordingly marking the status of that follow-up in the “Follow-up Management” window as shown in the picture below. 

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