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Reasons to See Your Physiotherapist Before Hip or Knee Surgery

A large percentage of people who have had accidents in their life will eventually find themselves in the position where they need to see a Physiotherapist. If this is the first time you are going to see one then it is a good idea to take a few minutes and think through a few reasons to see a Physiotherapist before you have surgery.

Just bear in mind that the reason for seeing a Physiotherapist before hip or knee surgery is to prevent any further damage to the joints that you are missing.

The other main reason to see a Physiotherapist is to work on strengthening up the muscles that have been affected by the problem. Therefore, when you have a conversation with the Physiotherapist you are likely to find out that you need to look to strengthen up these areas so that your bones and muscles can work at their best.

The last of the reasons to see your physiotherapist before surgery is to work on getting your range of motion back up. Many people have lost their ability to move around a great deal after they have had some kind of accident and this can lead to problems with everyday tasks such as walking, reaching items and bending. By working to improve your range of motion you may find that this will help you to walk or move better around your home.

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