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Physio Tips for Post-Surgery Rehab & Finding Your Life Back

Getting the results you want from a surgical procedure to improve your health and well-being can be difficult, but not when you use the right combination of physical therapy, nutrition, and surgery moderation. Physical therapy is a great way to get the strength back and mobility that you may lose after surgery. Many patients find that after a year or so on physical therapy, they begin to see improvement in their mobility. After all, most people don’t get on a treadmill or perform hand stand exercises and then get hurt. If you want to get the most out of your surgery and reap the most benefits, then you have to keep up with the therapy.

Nutritious eating is essential to your recovery from any type of surgery, and physical therapy is no different. You will need plenty of nutrients to help your body heal properly. Some doctors recommend a special diet for patients who have had surgery to prevent them from getting nutrition deficiencies. This may include no wheat, dairy, and gluten products. Instead, try to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats to get the best results.

After surgery, your body is going to change drastically. You may experience some bruising, swelling, tenderness, pain, and limitations in movement initially. But you should rest assured that these are temporary after surgery symptoms and that your body is healing. You should also remember that you need to stay active and move around to get the most benefit from your surgery. Once you get on your way, you will see that your physical therapy regimen will go along way and help you get the results you want from your surgery.

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