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Minimize the Risk of Fall in Elderly People With Physiotherapy

One of the primary reasons why older people fall is the home environment. This is due to a combination of physical ability and environmental factors. Improper posture and impulsive behavior can increase a person’s risk of falling. There are many home hazards that can contribute to a fall, but a few of the most common are outlined below. Inadequate lighting, uneven ground, and wet/icy conditions are examples of indoor and outdoor hazards. Incorrectly fitting shoes and clothing can also affect a person’s balance.

While falls are preventable, assessing a person’s fall risk is not always easy. A physiotherapist can help to identify which risk factors are at a person’s disposal and make appropriate recommendations. In addition to identifying these risk factors, physiotherapists can help their patients reduce the possibility of a fall. While there are no specific exercises that can prevent a fall, exercise therapy is an excellent way to help prevent one.

Falls can be catastrophic, and can cost elderly people their independence. Physiotherapy can help reduce the risk of falls among the elderly. With the changing demographics, there is more demand for services and care for older people. Inpatient physiotherapy is a viable option for elderly patients suffering from limitations in mobility and balance. Outpatient physiotherapy is a great way to help them address these issues and minimize their risk of falling.

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